Escorts in D-15 Islamabad

Wedding Escorts For a Perfect Wedding

Escorts in D-15 Islamabad is a popular destination for foreign men to have their wives and mistresses removed from their homes and whisked away to some exotic location in Pakistan. The city has been a hot favorite with those seeking male and female escorts since the inception of Raja Sawai. This small but affluent neighbourhood in Islamabad became famous as one of the most prominent places to pick up mistresses and brides from rural areas. There are many agencies and companies operating in the name of D-15, offering all kinds of services to foreign men seeking male and female escorts. These agencies are fully licensed and have all the legal papers in place for carrying out marriages abroad. The men just need to make the formal request to the concerned authority and they will be removed from their house and whisked away to an exotic location.

Every evening a queue of cars starts forming at the parking lot of D-15, waiting to be driven off to the location of the wedding. All the escorts inside are dressed formally in their best salwar kameezes and they lead their guests and their mistresses into the wedding venue. After the bride and the groom have been formally welcomed by the maharajah, the first thing that the newly weds do is sign the marriage contract! Escorts at D-15 will then escort the newlyweds to the reception hall, which is also called the ‘Khanthal’. Here the newlyweds get a chance to meet their guests and the bride’s escort will even take the bride to the house of the groom to bless her and give her a hygienic bath!

After the wedding the newlyweds have a night to themselves – a special wedding party that is organized by the groom’s friends. The bride and the groom have to pay for the party, but the ‘Khanthal’ expenses are paid by the family of the groom! At the end of the party the newlyweds get down from the ‘Khanthal’ and take pictures with all their guests. A traditional Indian wedding has a different format than a Pakistani one. Here the women are escorted by men and the men by women, while the boys are accompanied by their parents.

After the wedding the bride and the groom get down to perform the ‘Daullah’; this is a dance that involves a lot of hand gestures and movements. Escorts at D-15 are specially trained to make sure that everything is organized and that nothing is left in their way on the big day. The bride’s escorts are made to keep the newlyweds dry, so no one has to drag them along and the groom’s escort has to be very careful not to bump into the groom as they all want to shake hands and wish the bride and groom a happy new marriage!

As soon as the wedding ceremony is over the bride’s escorts take her to her new home. There she is presented to her guests and the newlyweds are showered with a huge feast. It is customary for the bride’s mother to cook the meal, but if the bride’s family is short on money she might cook for them instead! Once the banquet is over the bride and groom walk down the aisle, hands tied together symbolising their lifelong vows to spend the rest of their lives together!

Back at home the newlywed couple get ready for the reception. They walk into the reception with their wedding gifts, one of which is a golden statue of Ganesh the elephant. The cake that has been brought for the reception is to be cut by a massive cake designer who also happens to be the groom’s father-in-law. The cake is beautifully decorated with sparkling icings and the bride and groom have a grand celebration! This is when the groom decides to propose to the bride! She of course replies him with a yes, and they are now officially joined in matrimony!

Escorts at D-15 are well worth hiring for wedding parties, especially if you need transport to and from the venue. The bride and groom can also enjoy themselves at the party as the escorts take care of all their needs around the venue, and even before they reach it. The newly married couple then walks up to the stage where the wedding cake is being cut and they exchange the kiss of joy. When the band starts playing for the band, the newlyweds walk up to the mic and the band starts playing their favourite songs!

These wedding escorts are very helpful for the bride and the groom. They are usually very kind people who do not try to impose their own ideas on the couple, but they are helpful enough to make things go smoothly. In addition to this, they are great fun for anyone who wants to spend a few days or nights at a wonderful location. For more information on where to hire an Escorts in D-15 Islamabad, you can contact one of the agencies offering this service on the internet.