Escorts in D-17 Islamabad

Get An Escorts In Islamabad As You Enjoy Your Trip To Pakistan

Escorts in D-17 Islamabad are hired to provide a miniskirt service to foreign women who travel to Pakistan for shopping, business or pleasure. They work from their own houses and earn a percentage of the amount pocketed by the bride and groom. The service is provided by female escorts, male escorts and even the wives of those involved in the marriage. The females are called upon by their clients and they have to dress appropriately for the occasion.

Rawal Tarar is the most renowned agency providing female escorts to foreign women. It has been in operation for more than fifteen years. The agency is located near Islamabad and offers a wide range of services such as hotel reservations and housekeeping, transportation and foreign bride delivery. It is one of the few agencies that employ only Pakistani and Kashmiri girls.

The agency provides two types of services: one is the wedding escort and the second is the banquet escort. Wedding escorts are paid by the bride and groom. The bride’s family pays them a fixed amount for each service and then he makes his return journey. The banquet escort is paid by the groom’s family. The pay scale is different. The fee depends on the length of the journey, destination and number of guests.

There are various other agencies that hire escorts to serve the purpose of bride delivery in Islamabad. Some of these agencies include Torkham Muhammad, Sobia Mansoor, Asha International, Zafar Haidar, Islam Ghani and many others. They provide their services to both men and women, from young to old. Some of the escorts are also hired to serve as body guards for foreign dignitaries, tourists and businessmen in Pakistan.

Escorts from D 17 Islamabad specialize in the task of male escorts to both men and women. Their rates vary with the different sex and age of the person. The charges start from thirty to forty pounds per hour and can increase according to the occasion.

The different male escorts have their own special traits and characteristics. They earn their living from both indoors and outdoors. They have different personalities, but they have similar interests. These include sports, horse riding, and adventure sports like trekking and river rafting. They also love music, dancing and barbeque.

The male escorts are well trained. They know how to handle and carry delicate things. The male escorts serve as guides, bodyguards and protectors. It is their job to take the persons from where they are going and they do it with great respect. They follow a very strict code of conduct.

The male escort is carefully selected by the person who hires him. The person first meets with the escort for three hours and during that time he knows about his character and personality. The person who hires the escorts then makes two bookings. If the person making the booking wants a particular driver then he needs to specify this to the male escort.

The male escorts are well equipped with all the amenities needed for a safe and pleasurable trip. The supplies include radios, sunglasses, tents, heaters, first aid kit, knives, flashlights and T-shirts. Most of the vehicles used by the escorts have plush seats with headrests. The seats swivel so that the driver can change the seating position.

The male escort wears an outfit appropriate to the destination. This includes designer suits with neck ties and briefcases. The suit consists of shirt, trousers and jackets with a tie. These are the basics of the outfit. The person can choose other accessories depending on the destination and the kind of business that is being transacted.

Escorts in D Islamabad will help to make the tour an unforgettable one. The driver shows the visitors different sights around the place. He will point out the restaurants, hotels, markets and other points of interest. The driver will even point you towards the international airport and taxis available there. If you get tired of pointing, the driver will offer you some drinks.

You can also get tickets from travel agents for escorts in D Islamabad. They may be available at discounted rates. You can contact these travel agents either by phone or in person. It is advised to check with them before you visit Pakistan to ensure that you get the best arrangements.